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>Antonio Davis

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Antonio Davis

Antonio Davis is an active investor in real estate projects across Arizona, California, Colorado and Nevada as well as several private equity ventures from telecommunications to athletic apparel.  He created Eminence Consulting to provide the underserved market with business creation assistance, management support, early-stage and seed funding, procurement and technology implementation. Antonio Davis was born and raised in Oakland, CA, he attended Texas El Paso under the famed Don Haskins on a basketball scholarship. Antonio played in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for 13 years in Toronto, Indiana, Chicago and New York.  His best year in 2000 – 2001 season brought NBA All- Star honors. Throughout his playing career he was active in substantial roles in the NBA Players Association (NBPA), as the elected team representative, to a leadership role as the NBPA President. Antonio recently partnered with Prevail Water Company as the CEO/President of their transportation and logistics arm. Through his transportation company, AI Transport, Inc. he will oversee the logistics of delivering bulk water, bottled water and all other products produced by Prevail Water to its customers in underserved markets and customers throughout the US. A driving mission of Prevail Water Company is not only access to clean and healthy water for disadvantaged communities but to be the largest minority owned water and bottling company in N.A.


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