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“Family Offices are paying attention. The curated panels of accomplished NBA, NFL, MLB and other professional athletes are waking the sleeping giant of Impact Investing. In my years in the FO/HNW world, I have never seen Family Offices so eager to participate in the funding of Innovation."

Bill Davis
<Funds and Family Office Advisor/>

“Danny Hughes and the athletes that have spoken at Opal Group’s family office and impact investment forums have been profoundly professional and amazing to work with. They have opened many of our attendee’s eyes to new possibilities of collaboration to bring a positive impact in our communities and society as a whole. It has been a great experience to see these athletes expand their knowledge and also bring new ideas to the family office world. I am excited to continue working with them to build a bigger community where professional athletes, celebrities, family offices, and institutional investment experts can come together to make a positive impact on society.”

Doug Borths
<SVP, Head of Production. Opal Group />

“I was completely moved by the passion these athlete influencers share and what they are doing to re-invest, re-invigorate and even re-imagine some of the communities they grew up in and continue to support. The mentality of the team player and how that translates into doing business and living your life especially resonated at this time when we all seem to be so divided. We can all take lessons from any of these professionals on how to have transformational impact on those around us.”

Marcia Nelson
<Managing Director of Alberleen Family Office Solutions/>
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