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Our Mission: Developing Influence Capital

The brainchild of Danny Hughes & Jason Inasi, The Athletes Influence connects professional athletes with qualified investors and family offices fostering collaboration and opportunity through social impact investing.  Our roster of world-class, professional athletes participate in industry leading conferences around the World and share their personal success stories and social impact projects with the investment community.  The Athletes Influence is committed to educating the business and investment communities on how to best engage and leverage the Professional Athletes influence capital to support their brand, projects, portfolios and charitable initiatives.

The Athletes Influence was created to provide to platform for these amazing men and women to share their passions, their plans beyond the game.

Beyond the on-field and on-court heroics, both active and former professional athletes are expanding their talents into business, investments and non-profits. They are doing so to make a difference, preserve and expand their wealth, and leave a legacy. They are an untapped source of brand and “influence capital” that can support new business ventures, accelerate social impact enterprises and expand philanthropic endeavors. This is much more than a sponsorship or a passive investor, the authentically aligned Professional Athlete can be a difference maker as an advisor, a product developer, board member, a brand ambassador and more.